Sunday, May 4, 2014

5 years with Seagate

After all sad, happy, suffer, enjoyable days that ever had in Seagate. Today is 5th anniversary working with Seagate Company. A lot of things that I have learnt here in Seagate. When 1st time I join this company, I am in new department and that time we just have around 38 people among us, not much workload cause others site still not believe in our capability to handle the project or any others task. On that time I can see many employees comes and go cause of no workload to working on. So, they was a wasting time to come work with no challenging task to do.. employee with 10 years experience of course get bored. But for me, this is the time to learn new thing... when from small task coming in till the biggest task ever...I decide to do whatever task that they give it to me.. no turn around... that's it.. Do R&D for google search in Seagate and shared with US people with the findings was a sweet memories. Thanks to my project manager that teach me a lot of things from how to reply to conduct a meeting.. how to scold people in manner...hahahaha... and so many others things that very useful for me.. yeah am fresh graduate 5 years ago....

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