Friday, May 1, 2009

Etiqa Takaful...

Etiqa Takaful...

Have you ever heard about takaful...if not read this..

Being Etiqa

Today, with the new identity and logo, we are dynamically progressive, changing both internally and externally to ensure that you, our valued stakeholder benefits from such changes. The name is unique, personified by our core brand idea of “Humanizing Insurance”. The logo is dynamic, daring and distinctive. Yet, it holds strong to basic family values with the face reflected and the “TQ” representing our appreciation to you. Its youthful enthusiasm is apparent in the mix of upper and lower case letters which also reflects the approachability and accessibility of our organisation to our customers. The yellow and black signifies the link to our parent company, Maybank and exemplifies our solid financial standing.

What it means to you?

However, we believe that this new name and logo symbolizes change. Not just physically, but internally as well. We have taken branding to heart and with the launch of this new identity, we have changed to ensure that we are able to be better for you, to serve you better, to develop better products for you and most importantly, to just be there for you. Let us assure you that the policies that you currently have are still valid and are only affected by a change in its name, where it will be more reflective of the new brand. For all of us here at Etiqa, we believe in living our new brand and we are confident that you will enjoy the experience of a new world of Etiqa.

Is Etiqa a Government Linked Company?

Etiqa is a joint venture between Malaysia's largest local bank, Maybank and Fortis International NV, a leading European financial services company with 70% & 30% equity respectively. Maybank in turn is part of the Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) Group. The staff force of the company very much reflects the racial index of Malaysia.

Are we still a member of the Maybank group? link to top

Yes, we are still very much part of Maybank under the Insurance & Takaful sector. We are still very much a takaful and conventional insurance provider and our products will still be sold through Maybank.

How will Etiqa Insurance Berhad and Etiqa Takaful Berhad be differentiated?

For product specific material ie proposal forms, product leaflet and policies, either the “Insurance” or “Takaful” descriptor will be used together with the logo to show the difference. As two separate legal entities, both Etiqa Insurance and Etiqa Takaful will comply with all Bank Negara Malaysia legal requirements, conventional insurance and takaful regulations and with the Shariah Committee.


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